To ensure that construction services are carried out in accordance with national and international standards and regulations,

To produce earthquake resistant buildings with long-lasting material, safe structure and controlled workmanship,

To understand customer needs and expectations in the best way and to improve the service concept beyond expectations,

To complete the services given before the deadline,

To make the service after delivery and sales and pricing policy, which gives profit to the investor, sustainable,

To be open to innovations without compromising on quality and to adopt continuous improvement at every point as our basic philosophy,

To form a management team who has embraced the mission and vision of our company, who wants to put their own contributions in order to reach the goals, has a young, dynamic, free-thinking structure, open-minded, comprehends modern business relations, and believes in the power of sharing and team spirit,

To provide a work environment where employees work with high motivation,

To provide a creative and innovative environment where employees can improve their knowledge, skills and abilities,

To establish basic working principles within the framework of Quality Management Systems and to make Quality Management Systems continuously improving and living mechanisms with the participation of all personnel,

To work with the principle of mutual trust in cooperation with our suppliers and subcontractors,

To ensure that our social responsibilities are among our priorities in our service concept,

ARTAŞ Construction commits to ensure that this policy will be communicated and clarified to all employees. This policy also provides a framework for the objectives and is periodically reviewed.

Quality Policy
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