ARTAŞ Construction acts in accordance with international standards and national legal requirements in order to minimize or completely eliminate the damage to the employees, third parties, corporate assets and the environment during general construction activities and it, as executives of the ARTAŞ Construction, accepts and undertakes the implementation of these principles by aiming the continuous development with the participation of all employees working in our field of activity.

  1. To determine the hazards, environmental dimensions and the necessary control measures regarding Occupational Health, Safety and Environment in all activities that can be carried out within the scope of the construction sector, to prevent environmental pollution according to the assessment results by defining major environmental dimensions, to complete the risk assessment by defining tolerable risk levels. According to the results of this evaluation, to take all necessary measures to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases or to minimize the possibility of accidents, and to comply fully with the requirements of the applicable laws and regulations related to the Occupational Health, Safety and Environment,
  2. To comply with the demands of the employers and third parties related to the Occupational Health, Safety and Environment,
  3. To determine measurable annual targets for Occupational Health, Safety and Environment and to share these targets with all employees and to encourage total participation,
  4. To inform all our employees about the Guidebook and related documents, practices, objectives and policy of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management system as ARTAŞ Construction,
  5. Within the scope of this policy, to review the activities and policies periodically by management in order to ensure continuous development, fulfill the policy requirements and revise them with the continuous development approach according to the current conditions.

As a result of our policy as ARTAŞ Construction, we regard all activities performed for Human Health, Safety and Environment as our primary prestige objective.

Our basic principle regarding this matter is "HUMAN AND ENVIRONMENT ARE OF TOP PRIORITY".

Occupational Health, Safety & Environment Policy
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