The main objective of ARTAŞ Construction Human Resources Department is establishing an organizational structure consisting of individuals with high education levels, teamwork skills, innovative, open to change, dynamic, responsible, and having the potential to develop themselves and their business in line with the company's targets and strategies in order for:

  1. Improving our staff continuously in line with the culture of perfection,
  2. Being one of the best examples of human resources practices in the sector,
  3. Being the most preferred Construction Company to work in the national/international arena and becoming a company where all of our employees will be proud of, Creating an effective, productive, and motivated organization by ensuring employee satisfaction with proactive human resources practices and improving loyalty to the company,
  4. Keeping the development of our employees at the forefront in every level and continuously ''investing in people" within the framework of "continuous learning and development" approach and in line with the targets and strategies of the company,
  5. Contributing to the corporate targets such as ''efficiency'', ''stability'' by providing our employees continuous development,
  6. Providing equal opportunity to our employees in their career management,
  7. Following a transparent and open management policy for healthy and effective communication,
  8. Protecting the material and moral rights of our employees,
  9. Rewarding the high performance by improving individual performance and team performance through continuous improvement processes and systems.

Human Resources - (HR) process at ARTAŞ Construction is represented by the Directorate of Human Resources and it is included in the "Management Team" which is the highest decision mechanism.

The Department consists of Personnel Selection and Placement, Personnel Affairs, Training and Management Development units.

HR Policy
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