Clarity and Transparency

It means to provide regular, comparable, timely, and reliable information sharing so that our investors and customers can recognize and trust us further.

Respect People

It means making different projects within the scope of brand reliability, by evaluating the opinions of our staff and customers through making them to be aware of the fact that they are human primarily, regardless of their religion, nationality, color, geography, language, thought and understanding.


It means providing common solution to the problems as a whole in order for the institution to survive and to show continuous improvement, by combining the energy of all company employees, executives, and stakeholders through being clear in communication and being aware of the responsibilities.

Continuous Improvement

It means improving the performance of our employees by promoting personal development through our development programs and to realize more efficient and creative projects by means of revealing the potentials of our employees to improve the performance of the company.


It means better communication with our customers by prioritizing business rules, business ethics and business discipline, and reviewing the attitudes of all company employees towards work and other people, in accordance with the company's labor standards.

Customer Orientation

It means to ensure customer satisfaction unconditionally. Customer orientation aims to provide services to meet the needs of current and target customers both during and after the project by determining the feelings, thoughts, and expectations of the customers.


Objectivity is the ability of all company employees to take impartial decisions by showing the same sensitivity to the events despite our different educational and cultural backgrounds and world views that cause us to address each event or each project from different point of views.


It means that our company can make self-criticism by testing itself before and after each project it has realized and making self-criticism for its behavioral mistakes.

Environmental Awareness

It means creating energy efficient buildings by keeping environmental awareness at the forefront in all processes from planning and design to implementation and commissioning due to limited resources and increased environmental pollution.


It means to complete current projects and to undertake new projects by taking the necessary risks in the light of an accurate business plan and risk analysis in order to respond to the needs of our customers in the best feasible way.

Corporate Values
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