Management's Message

Dear employees,

As managers and employees of ARTAŞ Construction, we are all responsible for conducting our activities in a moral and honest manner according to the existing laws.

In order to make sure that we understand the rules and standards that will determine the way we work, we have prepared our "Business Ethics Rules".

ARTAŞ Construction Business Ethics Rules covers the basic code of conduct of our company.

In addition to reflecting the changes in legal, social, and economic conditions, it also includes the common values of ARTAŞ Construction.

Our employees must comply with our ''Business Ethics Rules'' when performing their duties. The rules and standards set out in this guideline should be regarded as a decisive framework for their functioning, not as a substitute for any of the existing policies. Business Ethics Rules constitute the roof of our Companies' personnel policies.

Here are some questions that we can ask ourselves and support us in making decisions when implementing the rules and standards described:

  1. What does this tell me about my conscience, my decision, and my behavior?
  2. Does this behavior comply with the laws and regulations in force and policies and regulations of ARTAŞ Construction?
  3. Am I comfortable with explaining this behavior to my managers?
  4. What do I think about them when I get information about others who are in this situation?
  5. Does this situation damage ARTAŞ Construction's or my reputation when heard?
  6. How would this behavior look if they were published on newspapers or television?
  7. All employees must read this guideline thoroughly and ensure that they are complying with and they will comply with the rules and standards set out in the guideline.

We believe that our commitment to comply with these rules and standards and our ability to act with high ethical values in all business processes will raise ARTAŞ Construction's reliable and respectful identity even higher than ever.

Chairman of the Board

Business Ethics Rules
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