Training and Management Development

ARTAŞ Construction attaches particular importance to training to improve its employees as individuals, who are creative, have the problem-solving skills, know how to access and analyze the information, think in a flexible way, demonstrate healthy behavior characteristics, and maintain their social, cultural and professional development for providing an advantage to themselves and their institutions over the competitive market. Thus, it is aimed to enable our employees to convert their potential to maximum performance. Training and development activities of the employees at ARTAŞ Construction begin with the ''Orientation Program'', which is organized in order to ensure the adaptation of the person to the organization, the team and the job and to inform the employee about the required subjects. In this context, on-the-job trainings are organized both for corporate employees and supplier employees. ‘’Training and Development Plan’’ is set out at the beginning of the period and activities based on this plan are carried out throughout the year.

Performance Management

Performance evaluations will be conducted based on the effort they exerted and their achievement level to increase the potential of realization of company objectives according to the common understanding created for the performance objectives of the ARTAŞ Construction and to direct and improve the skills of the employees. The Performance Management System will consist of the annual planning, target review and evaluation periods of the measurement system used to evaluate the individual goals, duties and expected competence levels of employees during the year.

Career Management

The success and progress achieved by ARTAŞ Construction in all the sectors in which it operates until now in line with its strategic objectives is a natural result of the valuable contributions of our managers and employees with high potential. Our career management strategy is to create and implement a systematic approach that enables our employees to plan and manage their careers and optimize the needs of the company and their competencies. We directly contribute to our employees' career development by sharing our career opportunities with them to determine the employees with potential adaptable to the developments in the organization and to provide professional knowledge, skills and development opportunities to our employees, to sustain their efficient work and to ensure their job satisfaction. If you want to join the team of the professional ARTAŞ Construction that works with our strong infrastructure, vision and dedication that plays an important role in our achievements so far, you can apply to our vacant positions on or you can send your current CV to our e-mail address All applications will be evaluated in accordance with the confidentiality principle.

HR Procedures
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